I am now glad that I reached their home so early in the morning on a sleepy weekend. To shoot these kids of my architect client. While checking for potential sunlit spots in the house I casually stepped in to their bedroom. Hardly had I anticipated a photographic opportunity as this one to present itself. Siblings in a blissful embrace of innocence. Just a shaft of early morning sunlight reaching out to them like some divine blessing.
In fact I was the blessed one - to be carrying my camera like my sixth sense. Remember that nothing in this shot was altered at any stage. It reminds you of your own childhood isn't it? And how deeply they too will miss it in another 30 years.


sukhjiwan kaur said...

a totally awesome piece of work.
wish you a very good luck in yours endeavor, sir.

Jithu said...

One of my favorite among your collection..!

nikky said...

nc pic bro.. bt wanna ask u som ting y do u lik 2 shoot in natural light??